Tara Seren LLC

 I am a woman of heart and mind . My abilities to self-teach, self-motivate, innovate, problem-solve and create anything I set my  sights and heart on  are my most valuable  traits and resources. . I have held many positions in life, and have focused my ingenuity toward many endeavors; the common thread is one of exquisite Artistic Service  which carries over as an asset  to multiple endeavors whether it is one of education, graphic design, health and wellness, tailor-made arts off and on-screen or any version of community-building. 

Tara Seren Arts

Owner · Golden, Colorado

I am  Practicing Artist .  I offer Holistic model custom and anatomical charts , custom illustrated logos , Hand painted signs , Illustrations for book covers and children books , and other various forms of  digital and Graphic design . 

Artist Giclee prints available and range from 100-700 in cost depending on size 

Please contact me regarding Original or Gilcee Purchase 

Seren-A-T Animal Acupressure 

Owner · Golden, Colorado

SerenA- T Animal Acupressure ,Charts , & Ceremonial Death Care  Animal acupressure , large and small pets and ranch , Animal Acupressure charts , Practicing acupressure is to restore, replenish, and maintain the natural harmony and balance needed.

I am a Level One Trained and Certified Equine and Canine Acupressure From RMSAAM , and offer Herbal and nutritional consultations.


Holistic Doula Birth and Life Endings

Owner · Golden, Colorado

Holistic Doula Birth, Postpartum, and Dying services and consultations .

Blessing ways

 Placental readings,

Family Birth classes ,

Soul Journeying & Healing Rythms for both Birthing, Living and Dying transitions,

 and other areas of healing.

Community herbalist and Herbal workshops, tinctures, salves and teas

I am a Holistic Doula  with The Matrona  and  a community Herbalist with training in Rosemary Gladstar's online course, and a BA in Anthropology and Cross cultural healing courses include Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbs , Indigenous Traditions, Aromatherapy, Qi gong and other modalities of personal interest .  

My herbal applications  focus on women's hormonal health , children and animal nutrition and herbal health .


I am trained in Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp  By my teacher Rachel Weitz in the Lineage of Sandra Ingerman to offer healing support in times of  transition , rites of passage , the birthing and the dying process.


If you are interested in workshops please contact to set up . I currently hold :

Dream Weaving

( weaving sacred contracts  with therapeutic art and cultivating reative expressions of culture )

Sacred Drum Making


Women's herbal and hormonal health 

Holistic Child Birth Classes

 I currently Serve as Media Director on the Board of Directors of Local Non Profit Cieba USA

                                         Empower and unite communities, world-wide, by developing strong leaders though education, social responsibility, and unity.


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Email:taraseren@gmail.com                                   Phone:  303-881-2917

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