• Kaiya G.

    Thank You Tara!

    "Tara is an excellent practitioner and artist. Her creations are made with love in a most respectful and sacred way. I love the way Tara listens with her whole presence and warmest of hearts! What I have learned from Tara is priceless! I highly suggest attending her informative and wonderfully skilled work shops of any kind! Tara's wisdom, guidance and genuine heartfelt council has helped me to soar to new levels! Thank you Tara!!"

    September 21, 2016 

  • Jill C.

    Artist for the Soul

    "Tara is an artist of the soul and gives depth and form to the voices deep within us! She has the ability to touch the heart with her expressions of beauty. I would trust and seek her out to create any art form that called to me as her talents are vast."

    September 13, 2016 

  • Sarah C.

    A Truly Gifted Individual!

    "I have had the privilege of experiencing Tara's crafts in multiple capacities, as well as her genuine spirit and the authentic soulfulness in all she does. Her artwork is inspired and her weavers are amazing! She created two custom weavers for myself and my daughter and with only a few details from me, she presented us with tailored pieces that had crystals specific to our energetic needs, different materials that held symbolism for our paths, and intuitive patterns that reflect our personalities perfectly!
    She also designed a logo for a Wellness Expo I was organizing with some partners, and while we struggled to describe to her how we wanted to capture our message, she again used her instinctual talent and produced a beautiful piece of art, that embodied the essence of our intentions for the event.
    Most recently, she advised me on some powerful healing for my dog who is having difficulties in multiple areas. With her knowledge of acupuncture and nutritional/herbal remedies, she provided a protocol for my "furry child's" well-being that has helped dramatically.
    I look forward to embarking on a soul-retrieval journey with her very soon, to address some medical and spiritual traumas I have experienced, and have know doubt it will be incredibly powerful and healing!
    If you have the opportunity to experience any of Tara's tremendous gifts, I highly recommend it...you will no doubt find great benefits from the Light that she IS and all she has to offer.
    - Sarah C."

    September 9, 2016 

  • Mavis S.

    Tara Seren has heart vision

    "Tara Seren is an amazing artist. She has been able to capture my vision in her art work when working with you at our non-profit organization. She has so much creativity and shows so much heart in her work."

    September 8, 2016 

  • Jason M.

    Logo Design

    "Tara designed a logo based off a few ideas. Tara took those ideas and created something amazing. At each stage, Tara was consistently seeking and responsive to feedback, changing and editing until the finished product was exactly what I was looking for!"

    September 5, 2016 

  • Mari C.

    Inspired and Trustworthy

    "Tara created a logo for me that I love so much. She listened deeply and responded quickly to all my requests for changes. I really felt like a team even though we had only met very briefly. We were creating the logo together even though she was doing all the actual art work. I recommend Tara with every fiber of my being!"

    September 4, 2016 

  • Nicole L.

    Deep soul, timeless offerings.

    "I have been impressed by Tara's vision and clarity to heal herself and others. Tara listens deeply to others, holds compassion at the root of her heart and embodies a creative and caring spirit. To all those that have the opportunity to work with her."

    September 4, 2016 

  • Luke P.

    Bob Ross would like it too.

    "Tara is an excellent artist who cares deeply about the connection between the art and her client. I couldn't be happier with her work. The painting brings peace to my mind and inspires my love of nature."

    September 3, 2016 

  • Eve P.

    A Goddess in the Flesh

    "Strength and peace. Tara has an amazing way of capturing both simultaneously. Her wisdom is ancient. Her eye for capturing is sharp. Her ability to see beauty when one may see none is something I will never forget about her. I love me some Tara!"

  • Illustrator for "Red Birds Song" By Sandy Tippett- Smith Xlibris 
        Sandy Tippett-SmithIndependent Writing and Editing Professional
         Tara Tippett and I have worked together for over 13 years on a variety of creative projects that began with a mural we both painted in a garden. I have watched her grow in her art  as well as her abilities as a teacher be it therapeutic art or creative expression of culture she has helped inner city children find joy in creating murals and expressing their own creative...more
        October 2, 2013, Sandy worked directly with Tara at Xlibris
  Registered Massage Therapist; Owner, New Moon Housekeeping
Tara Tippett is a woman of many talents and skills. Her abilities to self-teach, self-motivate, innovate, problem-solve and create anything she sets her sights and heart on make her a rare and valuable resource on any project and in any group. 
Tara has held many positions in life, and has focused her ingenuity toward many endeavors; the common thread is one of exquisite...more
August 5, 2014, Cheyenne worked directly with Tara at FoxRow Graphic Design
Multimedia Designer at Ping HD
Tara is a valuable asset to any creative step on any given project. Her ideas and approaches are fresh and original. Her insight on numerous subjects is amazing and she continually impresses with her knowledge and integrity. 

-Van Fischer, Digital Media Specialist
December 5, 2013, Van worked directly with Tara at FoxRow Graphic Design
Owner, Birth First Doula Service
Tara really listened to the vision I had for my company's logo and had ideas to share with me. She was so good about doing some touch ups after the first draft to really get what I wanted. I am so happy with my company's logo, thank you Tara!
October 5, 2013, Whitney was Tara's client
Consultant at Integrative Health and Wellness Consulting, LLC
Tara is a conscientious and artistic woman who has a gift for details and deep understanding of the subjects she works in. Her artistic talents are highly developed and her caring nature allows her to connect to her clients and co-workers in a unique way. I have enjoyed working with Tara and getting to know her skills.
October 2, 2013, Jennifer was Tara's client
Left Hand Healing Arts (Acupuncture, Thai Massage, Art)
Tara has the ability to evoke magic in all that she does. Her art is unique and beautiful. She also is able to understand you and create the perfect image or web design to fit what you are offering! I love what she has done for me and would hire her again and again.
September 30, 2013, Kali was Tara's client
Mentor at Green River Preserve
Tara tirelessly worked with me to create a gorgeous and highly personalized logo for my small business. Her creativity and artistic talent are superb. I highly recommend her work, especially for professional women.
May 23, 2013, Janara was Tara's client
  • Servicios de la Raza
Maria Lopez
Tara went above and beyond her position description, she volunteered her time to help develop paint the mural for the HIV space at Servicios!
February 1, 2012, Maria managed Tara indirectly at Servicios de La Raza, Inc.
  • BA
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Linda B. White, M.D.
Freelance Writer at Ogden Publications: Mother Earth News, Mother Earth Living
Tara is wildly, brilliantly creative, kind, and compassionate. It was my pleasure to share classroom space with her.
November 22, 2011, Linda B. taught Tara at Metropolitan State University of Denver